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Avances del voluntariado en desarrollo social en Colômbia.

Prepare your organization internally! If you don’t have a fundraising area, create one. Restructure your organization if necessary. You will need at least one proactive person who knows the entity in depth, and who has the support of management, board of trustees and other entities of the entity, to carry out this function. You can start with the part-time dedication of a person from the management team.

Cultivate relationships. It’s key! Get relationships of trust at the political / senior management level and complicity at the technical level. Organize annual meetings with both, send them information of interest. Go to events where informal meetings can take place.

Win over the big donors and funders. How to win his heart and convince his reason?

Research connections to break the ice (LinkedIn), what other NGOs or social projects have collaborated with, what they are passionate about. Earn their trust, be honest and don’t create false expectations
Present a project with impact and have them imagine it. Communicate with passion!


  1. Balance the rational part (data), with the emotional. Think about your interlocutor. What do you want him to do? What do you want him to feel? What data / images are you going to give him?
    Think about what could stop your collaboration. Anticipate the challenges!
    Take the amount to ask or the total budget and let them decide how much they put. Grade what you give, based on what they give you.
    Visualize success: imagine him smiling, nodding. You will get it!

  2. Gather support and forces by creating a sustainability committee. Look for people close to or within your entity with a wide agenda of high-level relationships and with availability. If you don’t have one, summon volunteers to support this work. Identify which are the sources of financing that you should reinforce or implement and channel the people / institutions that can open those doors for you.

  3. Analyze your possibilities for public and private financing and develop a strategy for each. Who to ask? Who should ask? For which project / activity? How much to order? What is the best moment?
    Find and establish alliances. Seeks that funder / grantee relationships develop into alliances and collaborations

  4. Diversify: You can seek financing within Colombia at different levels of the Administration and at the Latin American level. Research companies and patrimonial foundations related to your bankable projects / activities

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